What The Papers Say On Tottenham`s Win

What The Papers Say On Tottenham`s Win
Is it all about Tottenham or AC Milan? Peter Crouch or Gennaro Gattuso? The arrival of the European newbies or the passing of a excellent club? Arrive and have a read for yourself how Fleet Street is reacting…

Gallas issues whether Tottenham defence can deal with AC Milan
AC Milan Antonio Cassano Tottenham Tottenham defender William Gallas is unsure if his teammates can maintain their line in opposition to Champions League opponents AC Milan. Gallas, a participant skilled in the artwork of beating teams like AC Milan, urged his manager to adopt a a lot more cautious approach. “Milan will be extremely clever,” he said of the Serie A leaders. “And for that we require to be restricted, compact.” But he …

Lengthy ban in store for Gattuso
FOOTBALL: AC Milan midfielder Gennaro Gattuso could confront a lengthy ban right after Uefa announced today it has opened disciplinary proceedings subsequent his clash with Tottenham coach Joe Jordan.