Tottenham Hotspurs fans should be worried according to Phil Thompson

Phil Thompson has stated that Tottenham Hotspurs fans should be worried after Mauricio Pochettino has been spotted having lunch with Sir Alex Ferguson.

He said that if he were in their place, then he would have started asking himself questions.

It is a barely a secret that Louis van Gaal is under fire at Manchester United and that the Red Devils might be looking for a replacement.

Mauricio Pochettino has agreed with Spurs verbally for a new deal but has yet to sign a new contract with the London team, and there is still the possibility that he might be tempted to manage a big club like Manchester United.

It is believed that Sir Alex Ferguson appreciatesPochettino management skills and with van Gaal set to be sacked over the summer, there might be the possibility that the Argentine might take over at Manchester United over the summer.

There were rumors that Jose Mourinho might be coming to Manchester United, but they seem to have waned during recent weeks. The Portuguese manager has been quoted as saying that he does not know when he will return to management and that he is yet to sign any deal.

Mauricio Pochettino has always claimed that he wants to stay with Tottenham Hotspurs, but Phil Thompson believes that there might be more than just a lunch between Alex Ferguson and the Argentine manager. According to him, Spurs fans should be worried and begin to think that their manager might be on the verge of going to Manchester United.

We will have to wait for the season to be over to know what will happen. With Manchester United still in the FA Cup, the board of directors will not want to disrupt the team by making any announcement at the moment.