Spice Girl Victoria is Pregnant Again

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January 10, Beckham’s spokesman Miluo Yi announced the good news, Victoria was pregnant again, Beckham couples fourth child born in the summer. At the same time, the Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur with the Replica Football Shirt Supplier is the official website announced that the effectiveness of David, the Los Angeles Galaxy Beckham will be February 10 before training with the team to watch but not participate in the game against Tottenham Hotspur, to this effect on Beckham return to the Premier events come to an end. Beckham’s spokesman today announced a big happy event that Victoria Beckham, wife pregnant again, and their fourth child will be born this summer. Beckham’s spokesman – My Luoyi confirmed in an interview Spice Girl Victoria was pregnant, but revealed no details to the media, and the specific date of expiration and the Spice Girls in Football National Teams too, none of the physical condition of the press release, are temporarily kept confidential. However, according to estimates by the media, Beckham and fourth son of the former Spice Girl will be born this summer. Beckham, 35, and 36 years of age, Victoria has had three handsome and charming son, who is 11 years old Brooklyn, Romeo 8 years old and 5-year-old Cruz. And according to a spokesman, and now three children about to enter a new brother or sister was “very excited.” Therefore, the Beckhams will be more excited. Now, three children have returned to England Beckham, David Beckham back to England for training reasons, the three children will also be an elite private school in the United Kingdom through a short learning time. The Beckhams have also repeatedly expressed the hope that the birth of a daughter, a sister, three children, Tim. But now the fourth son did not know that this is not daughters, can not meet over the years, I want Beckham, so the time to count.At the same time return to the Premier League with the England Football Teams Shirt on loan Beckham effect of short-term events have been fired a long time, and now the matter was eventually resolved, the official Spurs website said: “David – David Beckham will train with team to follow on February 10 he will be back before the date of the club Los Angeles Galaxy, I welcome the arrival of David Beckham, is a great player, but unfortunately, not going to represent the battle.”Tottenham, Harry Redknapp in French Football Shirts is also welcomed the arrival of Beckham:” We respect the resolutions of the Los Angeles Galaxy, David Beckham is to continue our training, but it was enough, because it is a very influential player, as long as young players to see their training. This allows them to benefit Welcome him (Beckham) coming “And Beckham is also expressed his opinion:”I’m glad I could follow the club to train with the Spurs, who will be here to keep a good state, and we get along happily. This will be a new experience for me, but can not play, but enough. “

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