25 Comments to “Lewis Holtby | Skills • Goals • Assists | Welcome to Tottenham Hotspur”

  1. Eduardo Perez

    Hey Great Video Man! Holtby is one of my favorite players. If anyone wouldnt mind and could do me a favor and check out my new video I posted that would be great thanks everyone.
    Soccer is Life!

  2. TheSpursfan14

    He’s the German U 21 captain and has appeared in midfield multiple times for their senior side. If Wilshire were German the I’d say he’d have made about the same amount. He’s not shown enough yet for us to be able to say Holtby us better, but he’s definitely got the potential to be.

  3. mondjal1

    schalke was better than tottenham and arsenal ..! that everyone see by schalke vs. arsenal in champions-leauge but he goes to the spurs because his father come from england and lewis biggest wish was ever that he can played in the premier leauge

  4. mondjal1

    villas boas said he´s like van der vaart but it is wrong he is much better than rafael I know it because i´m schalke fan and van der vaart played now in german bundesliga, too!

  5. Petros Anagnwstakis

    He scores more than Wilshere thats for sure, but i think wilsheres is a better team player with better movement. Love both of them

  6. accessline80

    Look am a chelsea fan.. And u know how we are with arsenal and I can honestly say wilshere is 20 times better than holtby,dembele,and lennon combined

  7. Hauler24

    I don’t really care, but so far he has been immense for us. I’m so happy with the way are our squad is looking so I could care less about Arsenal stuff.

  8. BlueHazardHD

    well he could be, but he only played like what? 1 or 2 games in the PL, so I wouldnt say it with such confident.

  9. BlueHazardHD

    thanks! yea I just couldnt find good quality cause he’s not very famous.. but I try to find HQ footage.
    About CC, I use looks but all the looks dont look really good and I cant seem to make a good looking color correction.. any help on that?

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