How the Milan madmen have made Spurs fans of us all

How the Milan madmen have produced Spurs followers of us all
Exhilarating football has won Harry Redknapp many new friends previously this time, but on Tuesday night the outrageous antics of Mathieu Flamini, Gennaro Gattuso and AC Milan went a single further and made Tottenham Hotspur fans of us all.

Redknapp: Spurs will go on the attack in Milan
Harry Redknapp promised very last night time that his Tottenham Hotspur group would not change their philosophy of attacking football that has created for this kind of thrilling progress in the Champions League when they experience Milan in the very first leg of their knockout-spherical tie at San Siro tonight.

AC Milan v Tottenham Hotspur: San Siro will hold no fears for us in Champions League, says Peter Crouch
Tottenham striker calls on staff-mates to “create new chapter in their history” as they prepare for Champions League clash.