Vertonghen sparks controversies

Tottenham is in an uncomfortable situation of late- it’s their player Vertonghen who has raised serious controversies for his bad play-acting at the club’s last match against Dnipro.

It seems that the Belgian footballer managed to mug up everything what is wrong with the game in a single moment of perfectly pure ridiculousness. The player has drawn severe criticisms from many quarters since then.

Last Friday. Tottenham Hotspur was having a match against Dnipro, the leading Ukranian club, in the 2nd half of the Europa League championship tie.

The Brit club lost out on the 1st leg 1-0 & when their Ukrainian opponent opened scoring in 2nd leg, Spurs were very much on the verge of losing the game.

But everything changed completely with the turn 62nd minute of the match. Jan walked into Roman Zozulya (Dnipro) & then suddenly crashed to ground, theatrically clutching the face.

It was certainly a very implausible, stupid dive from the Belgian. The 2 players had hardly touched ne another. However, Antony Gautier, the referee was befooled completely & he showed the red card to Zozulya.

That was something really unethical to the Ukrainian side as whatever the Tottenham player did was completely his own antics and there was hardly any trace of contribution from Zozulya. As a result, Dnipro were wrongfully reduced to 10 men which enabled Vertonghen’s club to go on with the winning title. They won the match with 3-1 status, progressing to next round.

The Belgian was not exactly repentant for his wrongful antics post the match. “I walked towards him. I walked up to him again & he gave me one”, said the Belgian stressing that it was the Dnipro player who made him crash to ground. “He gave me the reason to crash. It is his fault & not mine.”