Pochettino optimistic about future of Spurs

The start of the season for Tottenham Hotspurs has been a difficult one as the squad of Mauricio Pochettino has had to face off against some of the top clubs in the Premier League during the initial 3 months of the season.

Arsenal, Liverpool, Southampton, Manchester City are some of the top clubs that Tottenham Hotspurs has had to face so far in this season with a number of draws and defeats having been experienced along the way.

Tottenham Hotspur is currently located in the mid-section of the English standings and despite not being in the top spots of the Premier League, Mauricio Pochettino is optimistic about the future of his squad as he stated that his players are performing better as each match passes on.

“I have enjoyed my four months at Tottenham. We knew when we signed for Tottenham that we expected a tough period. We are in a very tough period in the club, but when you arrive to a club with big potential like Tottenham, a big club, and have the possibility to build something important, this is a very good challenge for us’’ Pochettino told the media.

Mauricio Pochettino signed a 5 year long deal with Tottenham Hotspur as he made his way from an outstanding time in charge of Southampton which attracted the attention of Tottenham and they were willing to sign him on such a long period of time but despite having signed for the upcoming 5 years, if Pochettino is not able to finish the current season in a top position in the Premier League then his managerial position at White Hart Lane could be in risk.